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Youtube Ads

Reaching artists to the top with Youtube Advertising

Youtube has become indispensable for music lovers and artists. We can say that if the songs explode on youtube, it will become even larger. That's why artists now prefer youtube ads for their album launches.

Want to increase your popularity on Youtube? You can reach millions of people by making AdWords ads to your Youtube videos. As well as paying only when you watch ...  To get more information contact us...

Where are Youtube Ads Published?

Youtube Ads are Published in Fields Marked in Red. If the video is watched for 30 seconds or more, you will pay money. In Search Ads, you pay only when you click on your clip. Your video is watched 1 time after it has been clicked.

Why Youtube Ads work?

Youtube ads allow you to reach your target audience quickly. You can select your audience based on gender, age, interests and location. Your biggest advantage is that you only pay money when your video ad is viewed ...

Want to increase your popularity on Youtube? You want to go out of your foreground on Youtube? You can reach millions of people by making adwords ads on your Youtube videos ... To get more information contact us...

Use Rate of youtube in Turkey

32 million people in Turkey are watching videos at least 1 time per month. Youtube allows you to communicate with 36% of the population and 95% of the audience listening to music. Turkey's largest TV channel according to the data again it's Youtube ...

Youtube: The Largest Video Center on the Internet and the World's Largest TV Channel

1 Billion Singular Users, 100 hours of video per minute is watched, 6 Billion Hour Video Watched Monthly, over 2 Billion daily mobile viewing is placed in 61 languages ​​in 73 countries.

Contact your ideal audience!

Focus on the right people, depending on who they are, where they are and what they are interested in. For example, men aged 18-34 living in Istanbul or women who like to travel. Youtube Ads allows you to reach your ideal fan audience ...

To get more information contact us...

Publish your Video Ads on various devices! Your fans are on the move. Your video ads can reach your customers via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Most of the views on YouTube take place on mobile devices.

Check out your performance!

YouTube's free Analytics tool helps you learn who's watching your ads and how those viewers interact with your ads ...To get more information contact us...

Create Followers!

Your ads; It creates an opportunity to communicate with your customers by increasing their video sharing and new channel subscriptions.

Youtube Ads Pricing

There are 2 different ad models as mentioned in the presentation in Youtube ads. For current prices, you can get information by calling us or submitting form. As Moon Workshop, we give the best price guarantee to our customers. Thanks to our advertising reports to you; You will also reach demographic information such as the average age and gender of your fan base.

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