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Increase Your Audience with Youtube Advert Ads!

Youtube Ads are Published in Fields Marked in Red. If the video is watched for 30 seconds or more, you will pay money. In Search Ads you only pay when you click on your clip. When Your Transaction is Performed Your video is watched 1 time. With Youtube Broadcasting Model, you can reach millions of audiences who searched on youtube and related to you.

Why Youtube Ads work?

Youtube ads allow you to reach your target audience quickly. You can select your audience based on gender, age, interests and location. Your biggest advantage is that you only pay money when your video ad is viewed ...

Youtube’da popülerliğinizi arttırmak mı istiyorsunuz ? Youtube ortamında gelişerek ön planamı çıkmak istiyorsunuz ? Youtube videolarınıza adwors reklamları yaparak milyonlarca kişiye ulaşabilirsiniz... To get more information contact us...

Use Rate of youtube in Turkey

32 million people in Turkey are watching video at least 1 time per month. Youtube allows you to communicate with 36% of the population and 95% of the audience listening to music. Turkey's largest TV channel According to the data again Youtube ...

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