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How to Advertise on Google and Grow Your Business

How to Advertise on Google & Grow Your Business

Advertising on Google with Ads is one of the best decisions you can make to expand your reach, find new customers, and grow your business. Google Ads is the world’s largest and most widely used online advertising platform, and by adver...

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly For Google Ads

30% of all mobile searches are related to location, and this category has grown 50 percent faster than overall mobile searches in the past year, demonstrating that users are increasingly doing searches for things “near me”. Location extensions on Google Ads accessed through throu...

7 Points to Consider When Preparing A Landing Page

Advertising, banner, referrer link on any web site, such as the link to another site through the transition of visitors to the first page faced by the page is called landing page. Generally, the pages which have the target link that the internet banner or banner has reached are designed as landing page. The Turkish word is not yet esta...

2019 Banner Advertising Design Statistics and Trends

The banner ads we have known since the beginning of the Internet have been used as one of the most effective ways available to marketers and advertisers who need to offer their products or services to their customers. However, every industry evolves and adapts to the market based on customers' attitudes and of course current trends...

3 Reasons You Need to Advertise on Facebook

As a modernist, I realized how easy it was for other marketers to get caught up in what they did; video creation, blog creation, email marketing, search marketing, SEO, list rental, guerilla marketing, options are...


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